Goren Consulting’s key expertise is providing services to startups in various markets including Internet and mobile ventures. The company’s consultants provide the understanding that the startup entrepreneurs need and the knowledge that will assist you in each and every stage. In addition, the company’s relationship network includes opinion leaders, software entrepreneurs, investors, brokers and fund representatives, most of them from the hi-tech and startup industry. Among the company’s customers you will find startup companies that have managed to raise funds on their own or with the guidance of Goren Consulting.

Key services provided to startup companies:

Feasibility study of the start-up (Go-No-Go) – the company conducts research on the product or relevant service’s market and examines what already exists in this field, if there is already a product or service in the market, and the venture’s economic feasibility. If a senior consultant finds that the startup is feasible the entrepreneurs can upgrade our service and order a full business plan.

Business plan – our professional business plan meets the need to raise funds, especially from angel investors, VCs and from funds that are associated with startups and provides you with a guideline by presenting milestones and drafting tasks to bring the venture to successful completion.

One Pager / Executive Summary Page – this is the first tool that you will use to initiate meetings with potential investors. It is basically one page (or at the most two) that contains all the relevant information in the correctly edited format. The objective of this page is to “tease” its viewers and to prompt them to invite you to a meeting (in which you will present the presentation, see below). We send this page by Email to brokers, angel investors and capital funds.

Presentation for investors – the investor presentation presents your startup in an attractive manner. The goal of the presentation is to inspire the investors to want to receive more information and to continue with a series of additional meetings. We will instruct you on how to present to investors and we will train you with questions such as – what happens in the capital fund’s meeting room? What interests the investor? Which questions might jeopardize you? Which answers could help you? With our vast experience we can prepare you for each stage of the meeting.

Focused business consulting (business consulting on an hourly basis) – When the need arises for guidance or accompaniment in order to implement things “on the ground”, even if this goes beyond the services that have already been provided, the company’s consultants will always be happy to help with additional consulting on demand.

Marketing consulting -“viral, viral and even more viral” – you’ll hear this slogan a lot in startup marketing, especially in the online and mobile app industry. Unfortunately, “viral” is not really measurable at the planning stage. Therefore, we can’t rely solely on the “virality” of the idea, you also need to have a comprehensive marketing plan and to continue to produce marketing tactics on a day-to-day/ monthly basis or to conduct a marketing campaign at the beginning of the startup’s life cycle. Our company has the knowledge, experience and academic qualifications that are so important to the creation and transmission of marketing solutions.

Website characterization / mobile app characterization – some startup company entrepreneurs come to us with incredible visions in the hi-tech field, but without any technical background for building the software and planning it. At Goren Consulting we know how to translate the founders vision into a technical document that plans the entire site / app.